Why debates?

We would like to involve audience as a participant in the ongoing discussion on the relevant topic; less as passive listeners, more as critical thinkers;

Debate is a ready-made format, which allows to keep attention of the audience.

Discussions are to ascertain ambiguities; debates to find the truth using critical thinking; everyone in the audience is able to take position, and add an argument to the discussion.


Debate is the process of arguing about claims in situations where an adjudicator must decide the outcome. [source]

Parlamentārās debates ir spēle, kurā mērķis ir pārliecināt tiesnešus un skatītājus kādā strīdīgā jautājumā, pārspējot oponentus ar labiem argumentiem, aizraujošu runu un trāpīgiem jautājumiem. (…) [avots]