Commissioner: “Riga City Architect’s Office”
Scriptwriter: Imants Lancmanis
Director: Inese Stade
Director of photography: Aleksandrs Grebņevs
Computer graphics by: Pāvels Dolgovs
Contractors: «Springtime», «Monte Video», «Tigvera»
Place: Rīga
Year: 2008
Runtime: ~ 11 minutes

Master builder Christof Haberland (1750–1803) was Latvia’s leading architect during the period of historical styles. He contributed to Riga’s blossoming into a modern city, following the trends of the Enlightenment.

Christof Haberland introduced a method of geometric proportioning, which he combined with Classical-style façades. For the most part, Haberland constructed apartment buildings for the residents of the city, though he also built the Riga City Library, Otto Hermann von Vietinghoff’s theatre, a police administration building, a Freemason’s lodge, and reconstructed the Town Hall and the House of Blackheads. Haberland also designed a pulpit for St. Peter’s Church, as well as six churches and several manor houses in Latvia and Estonia.

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The short films in Latvian and English are available at the Riga municipal agency “Riga City Architect's Office”, at Dzirnavu iela 60a–21, please telephone in advance of your visit ((+371) 67105941), calling the office administrator.